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Fire pit: wheeaatleeeeey~ <3 <3

"How…How can a fire pit be calling to me?! No! I’m not going anywhere near you! Don’t call out for me!" As he said that, he walked, more like ran away from it.

It's to see if it's possible to create life from a human and an android, so the one child may get characteristics from both of you and may be more on the human side, whereas if the other child is more on the android side, see what it's like if it experiences human raising patterns. Basically if it was raised like a human, so then they track the progress of both (wtf am I doing)

He nodded as the anon spoke. “I see…thats quite an interesting test. I wouldn’t mind being a part of it at all. Can’t wait to see the progress of this baby and how it turns out.”

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He looked to Amelia. “What? This is someone friendly that you know and didn’t tell me?” Eventually, he moved away from Amelia, acting as if he never cowered away in the first place. Wheatley looked to the new android. He’d never seen her before, but he’d never been to this part of Aperture before. “Oh, hello!” He waved to Meme. “Don’t know about learning about the clones, but would like to test them out. See functioning capability.”

Meme’s smile grew bigger. “Oh wow. I’ve been needing to test one of these out.” The light on on her stomach and in her eyes grew brighter with excitement. She could do whatever she wanted with the clones, but now she had an excuse. “Oh uhm, maybe I should introduce myself. Me and Amelia do already know each other from a set of cooperative tests we did together. I’m a much newer android, however, so you may not know me, sir. My name is Meme. I’m the Fascination Core and I am in charge of the research and development lab along with the cloning chambers here.” She reached out a hand for Wheatley to shake.

"Yeah, she’s pretty cool." Amelia chimed in. She was more interested in the fact that they had been given permission to try to wake up a clone. She couldn’t wait to give it a shot.

She was willing to test one out as well? Oh, this was just even better for them! “The cooperative tests, huh? Heard of them, hope they’re going well and smoothly for the both of you. Don’t know how testing two people…or android and human works, but must be fun.” Fun for them anyway. “Nice to meet you, Meme. The name’s Wheatley, head of the Relaxation Center…currently on a sort of break, overseeing one of the subjects.” Just like with Amelia, he only held Meme’s hand, not shaking it. He really didn’t know about these sorts of things. “I do hope we can both get along. Cool android to cool android. I mean, I’ve gotten along with your partner, so should be good right?” He seemed to be asking them both this, just wanting their clarification.

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With a smirk, Chell jumped on and hugged Wheatley from behind. Did he think she would leave him there even if he failed to follow her on the catwalks that led to the upstairs after finding the computer and drawing a map on her notepad.





Wheatley let out a surprised yelp, not expecting to get that from her. He turned his head, smiling at her. “So glad to see you! Thought you would have gone ahead, get a head start on where to go.” He did think that she might have left, but he always hoped that if she were to leave that she’d come back.

Chell nodded and grabbed Wheatley’s arm so he wouldn’t go missing again as she started to walk. Leading him was strange, she was so used to him being the one that led her around.

The android blinked as she grabbed his arm. This was different. He wanted to lead the way, but that would have backfired greatly, probably ending up in him going the wrong way until she pointed out his mistake in directions. “Ah, I see you’re taking the lead. Good, good, taking turns for leading is an excellent idea. Very good, more teamwork stuff.”

She made a cheering motion with one hand, skipping for a little as she laughed quietly, still holding onto him with her other arm. It was hard making sure he wouldn’t wander away, but luckily the corridors for (dead) employees were much easier to navigate in and they made their way upstairs pretty quickly.

He just had to smile seeing her happy, even if it was just with joyful actions. Wheatley wanted to make her happy. It was partly for making up for the whole incident in the past and because he just liked seeing her happy. “You’re really good at leading the way, you know. Maybe you should do it some more, not that I can’t lead the way, but its interesting seeing how you lead.”

Oh, it was a... science thing, that's how, somebody thought it'd be fun to 'test' that and well, now she's pregnant

"Oh, so it was for a test. That makes more sense now. So her having this little me and her is all for testing purposes? What is it testing exactly? Something about humans and androids?"